Bosnia’s Federation entity gets a historic budget

NEWS 27.01.2023 20:15

The delegates of the Federation (FBiH) entity Parliament’s House of Peoples unanimously adopted the 2023 budget Friday, which is characterized as historic because it is 1.1 billion Bosnian marks (or €562 million) higher than last year's budget and amounts to 6.7 billion marks (approx. €3.42 billion].

The FBiH government rejected all the amendments that the delegates submitted on Friday. On Thursday, BiH Parliament’s House of Representatives also adopted this budget proposal.

The largest part of the money distributed through the amendments of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and the coalition of eight pro-Bosnian and civic parties known as the “Eight” goes to the Hranjen tunnel, a total of 20 million Bosnian marks, the second item worth 12.5 million marks is the purchase of textbooks for children up to the fifth-grade elementary school, and the third item worth 7 million marks goes to the construction of a children's clinic at the University hospital in Mostar. However, not everyone is satisfied with the distribution, especially not the entity’s farmers.

Money for a firefighting aircraft worth 30 million marks was deleted from the budget. There is money left over for the overhaul of the only helicopter owned by the FBiH and at the disposal of the FBiH Police Administration. Instead of Canadair aircraft, the money was directed for a sports hall in Mostar, a school in Novi Travnik, a health centre in Kiseljak, seven million marks were directed for the construction of a children's clinic at the University Hospital in Mostar, and 17 million for the Hranjen tunnel connecting Gorazde with Sarajevo.

Money for the reconstruction of the FBiH Government building in Sarajevo and Staklena banka in Mostar was also completely abolished. Of that sum, the largest amount goes to the company Zrak – 7 million, while 900 thousand was earmarked for three academies of science and art, 600 thousand for the remediation of consequences of the earthquake in Stolac. In addition, money was allocated for the exit from Stupska petlja junction towards Sarajevo airport, 2.5 million for the castle in Ostrozac, and 2 million for the Cultural Center in Bihac.


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