Bosnia's Grand Mufti: Common language and best cooperation are a great pledge for our future

Bosnia’s Grand Mufti Husein Kavazovic said on Tuesday he hopes that good interreligious relations and cooperation will yield good results in the future and contribute to the good organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pročitaj više

The conference “20 years since the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion” (2004-2024) is being held in Sarajevo. It os organized by the Commission for Freedom of Religion of the BiH Islamic Community, where Grand Mufti Kavazovic spoke.

He pointed out that it is not particularly necessary to emphasize the importance of the Law on Freedom of Religion, adopted by the BiH Parliament 20 years ago, “we were looking forward to its adoption and we are looking forward to everything it has achieved so far.”

“We share many of the same or similar values and can easily understand each other. The result is that we first find a common language and achieve the best cooperation, which is a great pledge for our future. That is why the work of the Interreligious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of essential importance for all of us and the establishment of order in our country. I believe that it is the nucleus of a lot of good and that the council should be well guarded”, the Grand Mufti noted.

“I am also happy that other religious communities in our country have signed an agreement with the state that regulates the use of this law and indicates the rights and obligations of one and the other more precisely, with the hope that we, the Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will soon sign that agreement as well. I would also like to mention – because it is not insignificant – that the relevant law on freedom of religion was passed to a significant extent thanks to our good inter-religious relations and engagement in its adoption. Therefore, I hope that our relations and cooperation will continue to give good results in the future and contribute to the good organization of our country – to the joy and satisfaction of all people in it,” Kavazovic added.

He emphasized that man is closest to the one who looks like him and that therefore people of monotheistic faiths are closest to each other.

The Grand Mufti also said that religious communities are the most competent and responsible for the education and enlightenment of their believers.

“If it is regulated by good laws, life will be much nicer and more pleasant, and people will be closer to each other. I wish the conference successful work. I hope that we will have many more similar conferences and joint meetings,” Kavazovic concluded.

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