Bosnia's Grand Mufti warns against the destruction of the site of genocide

NEWS 28.04.202218:53 0 komentara
Husein ef. Kavazović
Husein ef. Kavazović (Fena)

On the occasion of the news that the Mayor of Bratunac, Srdjan Rankic, ordered the reconstruction of the Agricultural Cooperative Kravica, the Grand Mufti of the Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazovic sent a letter to domestic and international officials in which he warned that it was a matter of removing traces of the crime of genocide, ie evidence for its commission.

He sent the letter to the High Representative of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt, the UN, and the Ambassadors of the United States, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands to our country.

He also sent a letter to the President of the Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Zeljka Cvijanovic, the Vice President of the RS, Ramiz Salkic, and the President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ranko Debevec.

“This means that the location of the shooting of over 1,300 civilians, where traces of human execution are still clearly visible, will be destroyed along with all materials and items directly related to the genocide. This site represents the place of the greatest suffering of Bosniaks in the genocide in Srebrenica in terms of the number of victims,” Kavazovic said and added that traces of crimes are still visible “on the walls of the agricultural cooperative – traces of shrapnel and bullets that ended the lives of Podrinje Bosniaks.”

He reiterated that the Agricultural Cooperative Kravica is in the public ownership of the Municipality and that the families of the victims have been prevented from accessing this site several times to mark this execution site in an adequate way.

He called on the authorities of the RS entity to prevent the announced “reconstruction” in the Municipality of Bratunac, but also to refrain from such moves in the future because they are damaging interethnic and interreligious relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.