Bosnia's Kristo congratulates Independence Day of BiH

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Head of Bosnian government Borjana Kristo conveyed a message on the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday, expressing hope for the country's on the European integration path. Pročitaj više

“On this day in 1992 we declared in favour of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the state of the Croats, the Bosniaks and the Serbs as constituent peoples and all others who live in it,” she said.

Kristo called for a joint action and commitment to building a better, safer, more prosperous state of equal constituent peoples and other citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina marks Independence Day – the holiday still observed only in one half of the country

“Today, 32 years later, we are firmly convinced in the success of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the European pth and we are awaiting the official opening of the accession talks with the EU,” she said.

On her personal behalf and as the Chairwoman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, she congratulated March 1, the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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