Bosnia's Modrica to declare emergency due to floods and heavy rain

NEWS 16.07.2021 20:18
Poplave u Modriči
Source: Poplave u Modriči (Modričainfo)

The north Bosnian Modrica Municipality will declare an emergency following the heavy rain, Mayor Jovica Radulovic told N1 Friday.

Radulovic stated that an emergency session was scheduled, at which a clearer picture should be gained regarding the situation in the Municipality.

“For now, we still have obscure information, but it is evident that there has been significant damage to households. We will be forced to declare a state of emergency. Also, we will have to ask for the help of the entity bodies,” said Jovica Radulovic.

The Mayor of Modrica told N1 that the authorities are pleased with the information that the Bosna River is still in its bed and that there is no danger of it overflowing.

“Right now, there is no danger of floods as there were in 2014,” he said.

Video klipovi nevremena u Modrici u 18 časova, 16.07.2021. Kadrovi su snimljeni u ulicama Svetosavska, Dositeja Obradovica i Gavrila Principa.

Posted by Vid Blagojevic on Friday, July 16, 2021

Heavy rains on Friday afternoon caused floods in Modrica. Several city streets are underwater, as can be seen in the footage from this city.


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