Corruption charges against Bosnalijek General Manager and 10 others

NEWS 31.08.202314:10 0 komentara

The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina filed an indictment referring to organized crime, abuse of position or authority, the conclusion of a harmful contract and money laundering, committed between 2005 and 2016, for which 11 individuals and 4 legal entities are charged, including the general manager of Bosnia’s state-owned drug manufacturer Bosnalijek, Nedim Uzunovic.

According to the collected evidence, the illegal property gain in this case amounts to more than 10.8 million Bosnian marks (some €5,4 million).

The indictment states that the defendant, Nedim Uzunovic, in the capacity as an organizer, together with several other individuals with whom he is connected by family ties or in another way, acting as an organized group, according to mutual agreements, planned and executed crimes, in order to achieve illegal property benefits, contrary to the interests of the company Bosnalijek d.d., by carrying out financial transactions through several off-shore companies, registered in the British Virgin Islands and Seychelles, in favour of company accounts in Latvia, Cyprus and other countries and for alleged marketing or consulting services that were never performed.

The indictment states that, as the actual owner of off-shore companies and director of the representative office of the company Bosnalijek d.d. in Moscow, with the intention of concealing the real source, nature and origin of the money and illegally injecting it into legal financial flows, Uzunovic paid large sums of money into accounts at his disposal, as well as the accounts of persons close to him, which were then used for various purposes, including purchases of real estates, shares, vehicles and other valuables.

The collected evidence implies the defendants damaged the company Bosnalijek d.d. Sarajevo for the amount of 10,849,609.43 Bosnian marks and obtained illegal property benefits in the amount of 9,984,508.01 marks, which they then disposed of and used in business operations, buying movable and immovable property in BiH and the Republic of Croatia, placing the money they knew to be the proceeds of crime into legal financial flows.