Croat suffering in Uzdol, Bosnia, marked with calls for justice to be served

NEWS 14.09.2022 18:02

The 29th anniversary of the suffering of 29 Croatian civilians and 12 members of the Croatian Defense Council, who were killed in their homes by members of the BiH Army on this day in 1993, was marked Wednesday in the Memorial Center in Uzdol, in the municipality of Prozor-Rama

This year's anniversary program began with the laying of wreaths at the memorial, a discussion about the cross and the reading of the names of the murdered. Wreaths were laid by family members of the murdered, as well as numerous delegations, followed by a holy mass.

“When I came here in 1996, the Commission for the Missing from Mostar asked me for death certificates for 41 people. People from around here went to The Hague to testify many times, many came here, searched, researched nothing happened – said Miljenko Dzalto, who was a pastor in Uzdol for 20 years.

He stressed that even almost 30 years after the crime, there is no truth or justice.

One of the lower commanders of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Enver Buza, was sentenced to 8 years in prison in 2021 for the crime in Uzdol.

The families of those killed believe that justice has not been served by that verdict, because none of the perpetrators has been punished.


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