Croatia biggest importer of BiH goods in 2022

NEWS 24.01.2023 17:29
Source: FENA /Arhiva

In 2022, Croatia was the biggest importer of Bosnia and Herzegovina's goods, while BiH was the fourth biggest importer of Croatian goods, according to data published by the BiH statistical agency on Tuesday.

In 2022, BiH's export to Croatia amounted to €1.36 billion, up 36.7% on the year, with electricity as the most exported commodity.

Croatian export to BiH amounted to €1.45 billion, with petroleum oils and sugar the most exported commodities.

Italy was the biggest exporter to BiH in 2022 (€1.81 billion), followed by Serbia (€1.56bn).

Last year BiH managed to balance its exchange of commodities with Croatia and the export-import ratio was 94%.

BiH's worst export-import ratio was with China, where it exported only €19.5 million worth of goods while importing €1.18 billion worth.


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