Damir Dzumhur no longer Bosnia's best tennis player

NEWS 30.08.202310:27 0 komentara

For many years, Damir Dzumhur was Bosnia’s best-ranked tennis player on the ATP list, but after the latest rearrangement, that title belongs to the Sarajevo-based Nermin Fatic who is three years younger than Dzumhur.

Dzumhur has experienced a drop in the list of the world’s best players by 32 positions and is now in 211th place. Now the 28-year-old Nerman Fatic, who according to the ranking overtook Dzumhur, is now the best in BiH.

Fatic had the best ranking in his career, taking the 191st position this year. On the other hand, Dzumhur is far from the best placement and the 23rd position in his career in 2018, but numerous factors influenced such an outcome, as it is known that Dzumhur recently experienced health issues.

Mirza Basic is ranked 584th, and once in his best days, he was ranked 74th in the world.

They are followed by Andrej Nedic (629th), Aldin Setkic (742nd), Radomir Tomic (1192nd), Aziz Kijametovic (1481st) and Tarik Bajrovic (2004th).