Danis Tanovic: When Yugoslavia fell apart Mira Furlan remained honourable

NEWS 22.01.202114:34 0 komentara
Danis Tanović (Fena)

Croatian and Yugoslav actress Mira Furlan was a great actress and a kind human being. Cooperating with her was simple because of her dedication to work, Bosnian director Danis Tanovic said Friday in his last farewell to Furlan who died on Wednesday.

“We knew she wasn't well but we never thought she'd die. Mira was simply greater than life. A film diva, an honourable individual and beautiful person. For me, personally, she was a diva from the time I was just a beginner in the world of film. I was lucky enough to meet her at the Academy and I was later impressed by her kindness. She remained pure and loyal to her own ideals in the time when Yugoslavia was falling apart, which was difficult. She passed away as a great human being and only the sadness remains,” Tanovic told Fena news agency.

The legendary actress Mira Furlan died at the age of 66, supposedly of West Nile Disease.