Dodik again rejects granting of agrément for new German ambassador to Bosnia


Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Milorad Dodik has again objected the granting of agrément for the new German ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina and asked that this subject is taken off the agenda of the Presidency's extraordinary session on Friday.

Dodik also said he would decide in the next three days if he would use the mechanism of the vital national interest protection, which gives him constitutional right to veto any decision in the Presidency if he proves the national interests of the Serbs are breached and if this is confirmed by the entity parliament of Bosnia's Serb-majority region Republika Srpska.

“An attempt to occupy these territories is underway,” said Dodik, accusing Germany of those attempts.

He requested that the Bundestag's resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina is revoked, stressing that “those who do not respect Republika Srpska cannot expect us to respect them back.”

Dodik also said that Germany sent a high representative to Bosnia, referring to the position of the international community's peace envoy, which is now performed by the German diplomat Christian Schmidt, as well as a judge to the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This, Dodik stressed, cannot go on this way.

The Serb Presidency member has once again requested the removal of his Bosniak colleague Sefik Dzaferovic, who currently holds the chairmanship position in the rotating Presidency, noting that he now questions Dzaferovic's “mental abilities.”

Republika Srpska needs a strong and firm policy, Dodik said, adding that any decision he makes is in the interest of the entity.

“We refuse to be an experiment but want our rights to be respected,” he added.

Dodik also accused the Bosniaks of trying to be dominant while not respecting the Dayton Peace Agreement.

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