Dodik contests Bosnia Constitutional Court's quashing of secessionist documents

NEWS 28.06.202214:14 0 komentara

The Serb member of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Presidency, Milorad Dodik, said on Monday the Serb entity of Republika Srpska would continue on its path, negating a BiH Constitutional Court decision which quashed a declaration and conclusions on the transfer of state powers to the entity.

The declaration concerned Republika Srpska's constitutional principles and the conclusions the transfer of judicial, tax and defence powers.

Dodik said he would continue to contest state institutions and that RS “will continue to do what it thinks is best. Our goal is to apply the BiH Constitution.”

He said the Constitutional Court could not have decided on the declaration as it was a political document, not a law or a decision.

Last December, the RS parliament adopted two decisions announcing that in six months it would begin the transfer of state powers to the entity's level, which is seen as secessionist. Recently, however, the RS authorities delayed the enforcement of the decisions, claiming the geopolitical circumstances were not favourable.