Dodik critical of US bomber aircrafts’ flight over BiH, calls Murphy a ‘bastard’


Milorad Dodik, the president of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity, called the announced flight of the US Air Force bomber aircrafts hypocritical, stressing that Defence Minister could not have passed a decision on this matter without two deputies and that the Presidency made no decision on this either.

“We are in some sort of colonial administration. Americans are showing off force. They see Bosnia and Herzegovina as a guinea pig,” Dodik stressed, adding that he learned this information about the US aircrafts from N1, which was the first to publish it.

US Air Force bomber aircrafts to perform a flight over Bosnia

Earlier, Dodik said that any flight of foreign aircrafts “especially American,” is a classic example of a “provocation, intimidation and pressure.”

He called the American ambassador in BiH Michael Murphy a “bastard,” adding that even those who might see the aircrafts above the territory of Republika Srpska, “will spit on them.”

Dodik today awarded the President of the New Serbian Democracy and a member of the Parliament of Montenegro Andrija Mandic with the Order of Honor with Golden Rays for recognized public work and achievements, as well as for his merits in developing and strengthening cooperation and political relations between Montenegro and Republika Srpska entity.

He wished Mandic good luck in the upcoming elections in Montenegro, respecting the integrity of the state and the people.

“He deserves to be recognised by Republika Srpska and to be distinguished in this way,” he said.

Mandic thanked for the award and emphasized that he is a Serb politician, the leader of an ethnic political party, but also of the integrative one.

“We Serbs from Montenegro are looking at both Republica Srpska and Serbia. It is important for us to have strong support in Belgrade and Banja Luka and everywhere the Serb people live,” said Mandic.

The officials also discussed the current situation in Kosovo, with Mandic announcing a protest a in the Montenegrin town of Niksic on Thursday in support of the Serbs in Kosovo.

Dodik assessed that the behavior of the KFOR troops in Kosovo does not guarantee the safety of Serbs.

In the coming days, Republika Srpska entity parliament will issue a declaration on support for the Serb people in Kosovo and the territorial integrity of Serbia, he added.

He emphasised that Republika Srpska fully supports the Serbs in their demands to provide them with a normal and peaceful life in Kosovo.

“It is unacceptable that Serbs are treated like this and that the territorial integrity of Serbia is violated. The situation is very complex. We support the struggle of the people, we also understand the behavior of the leadership of Serbia and President (Aleksandar) Vucic…that they will not allow a pogrom to happen. Serbs at the highest level will have to organise an all-Serb assembly that would bring together politicians and scientists, religious leaders, and regarding the solution of the Kosovo issue,” Dodik stressed.