Dodik: Komsic violates Constitution by going to UN Gen Assembly without approval

NEWS 20.09.202114:42 0 komentara

According to the Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency, Milorad Dodik, if his Croat colleague and current Chairman of the institution, Zeljko Komsic, is allowed to speak at the UN General Assembly, it will represent another step towards “the collapse of BiH” since the Presidency did not officially support it.

Komsic left for New York to participate in the UN meeting, and according to Dodik, this represents “pure abuse and a lie that he is trying to present and bluff as a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to speak dramatically about the situation.”

Dodik noted that “there are no Serbs” in Komsic’s delegation.

“It is clear that Komsic and the Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina have privatized that function and are offering huge amounts of money to the judicial and prosecutorial council to vote for decisions that only suit them, and a lot is happening which leads to the collapse of BiH. The Presidency of BiH did not give consent to anyone to go and I want to point out the fact that there was a violation of the Constitution of BiH and we will not agree to that,” Dodik said.

He also noted that he sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General on September 7 to inform him that there is no decision of the BiH Presidency on participating in the meeting.

He said that, in his letter, he wrote that whoever goes to the New York meeting will be doing so arbitrarily will not be representing the official position of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“If the Secretary-General ignores what is stated in the letter, then it shows that the highest UN leadership got involved in the disintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina because it ignored the Constitution and the procedure of BiH. This trip to New York was discussed at the previous session of the Presidency and did not receive support,” he said.

“This is a systemic violation of a number of provisions,” Dodik said, adding that if the Secretary-General allows Komsic speak, then he is “also driving one of the nails into the coffin of this BiH” because he gave the opportunity for only one side to “illegally” present its position without the presence of other representatives or respect for constitutional procedures.