Dodik lashes out at N1: We have a service monitoring you

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The President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Milorad Dodik, attacked N1 television once again on Thursday, at a press conference, by saying that he is "very patient" because he allows N1 journalists to enter the official premises of Republika Srpska, and at one point he asked the journalist if she thought that he did not have a service monitoring what N1 is doing? Pročitaj više

When asked to comment on the fact that he was photographed with persons from the criminal milieu standing near him, after the arrests in the “Code” police operation, Dodik lashed out at N1.

“You from N1 are just looking for something… If I'm known for anything, it's that people from the criminal milieu can't approach me. Don't play pranks, lie, you lie whenever you speak, no one has been near me, nor can they approach me, you can't attribute any such friendship or fellowship to me, I've been in power for twenty years,” he said.

“Maybe it's a failure of the security, I'm not implying anything…?”, the reporter asked.

“Maybe it was during the election campaigns in that someone from the crowd came to take a picture, that he was out of control. You are now making a rule out of it, I know that it’s your editorial task, that you slander the Republika Srpska. Your TV, not you personally, persistently make up stories, about the Russian influence, your narrative, as far as I can see from the overview I get, is always the same – Republika Srpska is bad, it is waiting for Putin's order to do this, or that, because those living in Sarajevo, they live like that, they only wait for foreigners, and you, your TV [waits] until it receives an order from the American Embassy. You are their television, N1 is their TV,” Dodik said.

At one point, while he was accusing N1 of being part of the politics that is destroying the RS and of having an “anti-Serbian narrative”, he took N1's microphone, stating that he was taking it “so that the N1 reporter would not feel bad”.

“I'm not saying anything to you, I'm talking about the fact that you act the same way in Serbia, as you’re acting here, the anti-Serb narrative of N1 is very well known. And we are very tolerant of allowing you to enter the official premises at all. Don't mess around and play pranks,” he said.

“It's not like Mr President,” the N1 reporter said after the press conference.

“It's even worse. I’m just standing in front of these microphones, otherwise, I didn't tell you everything. Do you think we don't have a service following you, what you are doing?” Dodik continued.

“What am I doing?” asked the reporter.

“What didn't you do? You should be banned! Not you personally, I keep saying You, and you [N1] are a subversive state element, I'm talking about N1. You work for another country, while I work for this country. You are working for a salary from another country against your own country,” he declared.

Dodik reacted in this way after the inquiry about the persons arrested in the “Code” operation, among whom were also persons who appeared in his party’s rallies. A video surfaced in the public showing the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) party rally in Vojkovici, where one of the arrested Milan Medja, shakes hands with the RS President, Milorad Dodik.

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