Dodik: Russia does not interfere in BiH's internal relations

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has a positive attitude towards Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, RS President Milorad Dodik said at a press conference on Friday.

He announced that he is going to Saint Petersburg in April, as well as in June at the economic forum in that Russian city. By the end of March, he said he expects to host Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“There is no mysticism, the Russian Federation has a positive attitude towards peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We respect the fact that they do not interfere in the internal affairs of BiH, but we also respect the fact that they are the guarantors of the Dayton Agreement. Russia is defending the Dayton Agreement from the US. It is clearly stated that only parties in BiH can negotiate other arrangements for BiH. We also talked about the unelected foreigner [High Representative Christian Schmidt], the president knew that, it is inadmissible for any foreigner to interfere in decisions here,” Dodik said.

He added that the RS will sign an agreement on cooperation with Tatarstan, but that cooperation has been established with Belarus regarding organ transplantation, where three children from the RS were treated in Minsk.

Dodik boasted about the Order of Alexander Nevsky, which was awarded to him by Vladimir Putin, the second-highest honor awarded by Russia.

He dismissed insinuations about malignant Russian influence in Bosnia. He added that in September, he will try to get Republika Srpska to attend the BRICS summit in Kazan.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dodik announced a meeting in Mostar with coalition partners where they will try to agree on the remaining “details” regarding the continuation of Bosnia’s EU path.

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