Dodik says Israel's defence is ‘justified’, but that images of killed children in Palestine are ‘equally disturbing’

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The conflict in Middle East is a difficult moment and Israel's right to defend itself is “absolutely justified,” said Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, adding, however, that images of the killed children in Palestine are “equally disturbing.” Pročitaj više

“As a human I can only expect this to stop, that they will manage to reach an agreement with assistance of powerful and most important world countries,” said Dodik, the President of Bosnia's Republika Srpaka entity.

According to him, what is happening now is different from previous situations.

“America is slowly disqualifying itself from any option to be a country who would mediate and gather the sides in conflict, because it is taking one side, just like it took the side of Ukraine. This time it took the side of Israel. And we already saw the reactions of Arab and Islamic world to the issue,” he stressed, adding that this is making already hard situation even more difficult.

Dodik deems that anything but a wish to have the conflict end is not fair.

He then compared the situation in the Middle East with that in Bosnia.

“It reminds a bit of our situation here, we were also squeezed on someone else's will in one space that has no perspective to function as a state,” he said, adding, however, that he believes the peace will be maintained here.

Dodik also accused the US of deciding to centralise Bosnia and Herzegovina and leave Republika Srpska an “empty protocolary shell.”

“This is what we are fighting against. We are fighting for the Constitution of BiH,” he said, adding that if the “letter of Dayton Agreement” is not possible, Republika Srpska “will have to find a way to continue our existence.”

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