Dodik's advisor says Hungary not only country opposing sanctions on Serb leader


Hungary is not the only country that would impose veto on possible sanctions on Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency, said his advisor Radovan Kovacevic.

The statement comes a day after the media in Bosnia's Serb-majority region carried Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto saying that the European Union can impose sanctions only unanimously with all member states but that Hungary would not support it.

Kovacevic said that Hungary gave an indirect confirmation that it would not allow something like that.

“What I'm trying to say that Hungary is not alone in that. However, I think that a lot more important are the messages that Foreign Affairs Minister of Hungary Peter Szijjarto conveyed, and that's that imposing sanctions on someone without hearing those people out is a very bad approach,” he added.

Kovacevic did not specifed what other countries he referred to.

According to him, Dodik and the entity leadership are “willint to explain Repubika Srpska's arguments,” which are, according to him, based on the compliance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its territorial integrity.

What's most important, Kovacevic stressed, Republika Srpska is taking no single step that would jeopardise the peace and stability.

Republika Srpska's entity parliament recently adopted conclusions, making steps towards withdrawal from Bosnia's central institutions and forming its own, as a response to now former international peace envoy, High Representative Valentin Inzko, who imposed law changes banning the genocide denial and glorification of war criminals earlier this year, which Dodik and Republika Srpska leadership strongly opposed.

The decision raised concern among some foreign countries, including UK and Germany, whose officials spoke openly about the necessity of the EU introducing sanctions on Dodik.

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