Dutch MEP Thijs Reuten calls out EU’s Varhelyi over Bosnia scandal

NEWS 23.12.2021 10:10
Source: Facebook

Dutch MEP Thijs Reuten warned the EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi that he could not permit himself any new hint of serving interests other than the EU ones after several Bosnian media outlets leaked the alleged EU Special Representative to BiH Johan Sattler’s report indicating possible collusion against BiH institutions.

“Very worrying news from Bosnia and Herzegovina today. Commissioner Varhelyi cannot permit himself any (new) hint or suggestion that he is serving other interests or agendas than the EU’s and the Bosnia & Herzegovina people’s. This is clearly not helpful at all! The absolute priority for all EU Commission and European External Action Service representatives active in Bosnia and Herzegovina should be fair and free elections in spring. This requires a firm stand against all nationalists and deliberate discord creators like Dodik in particular,” Reuten tweeted.

In the alleged Johann Sattler’s Brussels report, which came after the visit by the European Enlargement and Neighbourhood Commissioner to BiH in late November, Former High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko was the main culprit for the current situation.

“The EU HoMs met on BiH Statehood Day for a de-brief by Commissioner Varhelyi, whose programme to BiH ran from 24-25 November and encompassed visits to Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar for meetings with political leaders to discuss ways to urgently overcome the political crisis. A fragile political package agreement seemed to have been reached, which would not only halt the implementation of policies for the unilateral withdrawal of the RS from State Institutions but also de-block BiH state-decision-making bodies in order to continue work on EU reforms,” said the report that N1 had insight into.

Later on, the document reads that the Commissioner clarified, in terms of the special session of the RS National Assembly, planned for December 10, that the session “would indeed take place but that the moratorium to pass legislation on the unilateral withdrawal from State Institutions would be announced for a 6-month period.”

“This has been agreed, and RS representatives would be held accountable for any contrary decisions,” the document said.


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