EUFOR Quick Response 22 exercise to bring together troops from 20 states

NEWS 14.10.202215:41 0 komentara

European peace-keeping force in BiH (EUFOR) announced it will hold a military exercise in BiH bringing together troops from 20 different countries from 17 October to 20 November.

“Servicemen and women from 20 Nations will assemble for this exercise to demonstrate EUFOR’s capability and determination to contribute to a safe and secure environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As in previous years, EUFOR will temporarily augment its footprint through the contribution of additional troops, increased patrolling and tactical exercises in selected urban and rural areas,” EUFOR statement said.

They added the European peace-keeping mission will continue to cooperate closely with the Armed Forces of BiH, local communities and law enforcement agencies who will contribute administrative and logistical support.