FBiH entity VP: New BiH Council of Ministers was appointed illegally

NEWS 02.02.2023 18:46

The vice president of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, Milan Dunovic, said that the appointment of the country’s Council of Ministers was illegal because the ministers did not pass security checks and that he raised the issue with the new Chair of the body, Borjana Kristo, but did not receive a clear answer.

“The ministers of security and defence of BiH must pass checks in order to get access to confidential data. And the Law on the Protection of Confidential Data says that a check should be carried out before the appointment,” he said, adding that the new Security Minister, Nenad Nesic, argued the ministers will pass the checks after they take over the post.

“This means that the BiH Council of Ministers was illegally formed. What will happen if both ministers do not pass the check?” he asked.

Dunovic pointed out that the new Foreign Affairs Minister, Elmedin Konakovic, will appoint the new director of the country’s intelligence agency at the next session of the Council of Ministers.

“How will he do that when he didn't pass security checks either? It takes OSA a few months to do that for someone taking over as director”, he argued.


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