Floods in Bosnian town of Tomislavgrad threatening houses

NEWS 12.02.2021 21:36

Floods caused by melting snow and heavy rain in the area of the south-west Bosnian city of Tomislavgrad have threatened several residential buildings and roads in local settlements, Fena news agency reported Friday.

Groundwater flooded numerous basement rooms and ancillary facilities in these settlements, as well as local roads.

Torrential waters that froze on the road due to a sudden drop in temperature make it difficult to drive on the section of the road from the settlement of Lug to Oplecani.

Local authorities also warn that there was a spill of water which froze on the cantonal road connecting Tomislavgrad with Blidinje below the settlement of Rascani, as well as on the local road from Borcani to Crvenice.


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