FM Konakovic to N1: This kind of Vucic and this kind of Serbia do not deserve our respect

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Konaković i Vučić (Instagram)

Bosnian Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic has announced that he would request the payment of war damages from Serbia, as well as the renewal of the review of the verdict against this country. Pročitaj više

According to him, the intention is triggered by the behaviour of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

“Since Vucic acts like this, we will continue to seek compensation for war damage in all other ways, as well as the renewal of the review of the verdict against Serbia. Indeed, this kind of Vucic and this kind of Serbia do not deserve a bit of our respect,” Konakovic told N1.

Asked how surprised he was by the stance of the Israeli ambassador to Serbia, who denied the genocide in Srebrenica, Konakovic replied that the surprise was huge since this comes from an Israeli official.

“It must have been a surprise to the whole and normal world that someone coming from Israel, a country that experienced the Holocaust, plays with legal facts and tries to rewrite history because today the world order does not look the same,” he said.

The story about the resolution on Srebrenica genocide, according to Konakovic, “shed light on this ambassador, but also on Serbia in particular.”

“I think we pulled Vucic out of the den where he was pretending and selling to the world an idea of being a pro-European and a great global man, but he is really a Russian proxy just like Dodik,” the minister stressed.

Konakovic announced sending a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel on Monday and that he would “probably” call the ambassador to “explain what is happening, if they don't know.”

“We will adequately respond to the denial of genocide,” he stressed.

An urgent session of the UN Security Council on Bosnia and Herzegovina was scheduled for April 30 at the request of Russi. It will be addressed by Bosnia Serb Presidency member Zeljka Cvijanovic via video link.

“This confirms what we have been saying intensively for several months, that Republika Srpska, its leader and Cvijanovic are the forward wing of Russia,” said Konakovic, adding that he does not think Cvijanovic's address would change anything regarding the vote on the Srebrenica resolution.

In the end, Konakovic conveyed a message for Vucic.

“He made D-Day out of this resolution as if something would change with its adoption. It will be a civilisational message to all those who deny genocide to stop doing it and to remember July 11. So, nothing will change, we will make every effort to promote the truth about Srebrenica in every possible place. Serbia like this deserves our contempt. It does not deserve any hand of cooperation. We went for a year, talked, offered dialogue, and received a moral slap from them in an attempt to stop the resolution,” stressed Konakovic adding that “this kind of Vucic and this kind of Serbia do not deserve a bit of our respect.”

If adopted at the UN General Assembly, the resolution on Srebrenica, according to the initial proposal, would establish July 11 as the international day of remembrance for the Srebrenica genocide victims and would condemn the genocide denial and its glorification.

The document did not mention Serbia, Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity or the Serb people.

Two international courts said that the 1995 mass killing of the Bosniak men and boys in Srebrenica was an act of genocide.

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