Fmr, current RS officials to sign statement on protection of ‘authentic Dayton’

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Former and current speakers of the Republika Srpska parliament, and members of boards of both houses of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, should sign a statement Friday not agreeing to the “violation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “defending democratic values and principles of parliamentarism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

They say they want to prevent activities that shatter any opportunity for the development of friendly relations between the peoples living in BiH and undermine the possibility of living together, and activities that illegally deprive individuals and groups of political rights, freedom of movement, alienate property and ban the right to work.

The statement, which they also plan to send to all the relevant addresses of the International Community, reads, among other things: The previous forms of intervention of civilian and military representatives of international institutions and organizations, which were done contrary to the provisions of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995), are unacceptable, so their consequences are rejected as an expression of illegal and undemocratic action.

In this document, the MPs said that the Security Council has not appointed a new High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and that it is unacceptable for anyone to present themselves as such.

“The constitutional order in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a basis for preserving peace and enabling the progress of BiH, deserves full respect and support, and any possible changes in the system can be accepted only as a democratic expression of the will of its citizens expressed in constitutional procedures and without imposition,” reads the statement.

The Speakers added that political groups, the democratic public and all its representatives in BiH should dedicate themselves to the progress of their community, turn away from foreign interference and focus on the real problems of the country and its population.

“The parties, guarantors and witnesses of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995), should once again confirm its authenticity and its commitment to the authentic Agreement, and provide vast respect for democratic values, the will of the people, the principles of the parliamentary system and the rule of law, as conditions for establishing and maintaining all of the above, then amending the system of electoral legislation that enables the achievement of democratic standards and procedures with an authentic representation of the will of voters in accordance with the principles and provisions of the constitutional organization in BiH.

In their introductory remarks, a group of political representatives expressed concern over the non-compliance with international documents, blaming individuals from the international community in BiH for this, stating the activities that concern them:

– The constitutional order in BiH is violated and the establishment of a legal system adequate to the constitutional order is prevented;

– Contrary to Annexes IV and X of the Dayton Peace Agreement, laws are passed within the competence of the institutions of the legislative power and their competencies are suspended.

– Democratic relations are disrupted and the establishment of a democratic system adequate to the multiethnic composition of the population is prevented;

– Human dignity, equal and inalienable human rights are threatened;

– Freedoms of thought and speech are insulted;

– Every opportunity for the development of friendly relations between the peoples living in BiH is shattered and the possibility of living together is undermined;

– Individuals and groups of people are illegally deprived of their political rights, freedom of movement, their property is alienated and their right to work is prohibited;

– By arbitrary decisions that are not grounded in the legal order and in an undemocratic way, elected representatives of citizens are removed from office and their political work is prohibited.

The signatories to the statement are Nedeljko Cubrilovic, Mladen Bosic, Ognjen Tadic, Stasa Kosarac, Dusanka Majkic, Borislav Paravac, Nikola Spiric, Nebojsa Radmanovic; Igor Radojicic, Dragan Kalinic and others, who said the statement is addressed to the international public in good faith.

The meeting was held last week in Banja Luka and the signing is scheduled for Friday.

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