Fmr Russian PM tells N1: Vladimir Putin is politically absolutely insane

Mikhail Kasyanov is one of the few people from the Russian opposition who can still speak openly about Vladimir Putin and his regime. In an exclusive interview with N1, Yeltsin's Finance Minister, Putin's Finance Minister and first Prime Minister said that Vladimir Putin was politically insane, surprised by Ukraine's resistance to his criminal aggression and that he was responsible for war crimes.

According to Kasyanov, Putin was shocked. He did not expect such reactions. Putin is very nervous and angry with the whole world because he expected the West will turn a blind eye to yet another one of his “criminal activities.”

In an interview with N1, Kasyanov said the sanctions the West imposed on Russia are already affecting the country’s financial system and economy.

Play the video above to hear the entire interview with N1’s Esmir Milavic.


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