Friedrich Ebert Foundation rejects Dodik's statements about analyst Tanja Topic

NEWS 27.05.2021 15:17

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation rejected the “absurd accusations” made by Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency Chairman, Milorad Dodik, who said that Banja Luka-based political analyst and journalist Tanja Topic was an agent working for “German intelligence structures.”

“Tanja Topic is a brave journalist, a shrewd political analyst and a person with integrity, who with her exceptional humanity and sincerity is energetically and selflessly committed to achieving democracy, justice and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


The Foundation noted that Topic received great support from all parts of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the international community, in recent days.

“The number of statements of solidarity as well as their content speaks for itself. Our colleague and friend Tanja Topic has the unreserved support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation,” the statement concluded.


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