HDZ BiH leader: No conditions to hold elections in Bosnia

FENA /Hazim Aljović

Dragan Covic, the leader of the HDZ BiH party and participant in the talks on electoral reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said following the latest failed attempt to reach an agreement on this matter under the mediation of the EU and US representatives, that now there are no conditions to hold elections in the country.

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina lost the most with this.

Covic reiterated his earlier stance on a potential restructuring of the Bosniak-Croat Federation entity, noting that “as for those who tried to dissolve the Federation in terms of its organisation I am telling them they did not succeed now and they never will.”

He directly accused the SDA party of hindering the final agreement on Saturday when they almost had an agreement on table by demanding some additional details.

He expressed content over the fact that five out of six parties accepted a model that would solve all the problems, even the one concerning the functionality of the Federation's institutions.

“We were clearly ready to make three to four concessions, and someone would call it a blockade, but I believe it was for a better functionality of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stressed Covic.

According to him, the overall solution contained four elements: changes to the Election Law, the rulings of the Constitutional Court of BiH, integrity of the election process and functionality of the Federation entity.

SBB BiH leader Fahrudin Radoncic also addressed media after the meeting, saying that this was a bad day for the Federation.

“The consequences of the failed talks will be seen in the period of two to six months, when elections are scheduled to take place, but that doesn't mean someone should fear war or any military escalation, it would rather increase political tensions, which are enormous already now,” he said.

Radoncic also confirmed that the political representatives made progress regarding the removal of blockades in the Federation and the functioning of the Federation's House of Peoples as well as some other matters but without a final agreement.

He stressed that regardless of the failed talks the elections have to be held.

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