HNS BiH: Territorial reorganisation of BiH if Croat rights are not ensured

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Dragan Čović (N1)

The Croat National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HNS BiH), an organisation of Croat ethnic parties in the country, said that if the constitutional rights of Bosnian Croats to continue to be violated, it will initiate steps “for a new institutional and territorial organisation of BiH on the principles of federalism and consociational democracy.”

The HNS BiH discussed the political situation and electoral reform in BiH in an extraordinary session on Saturday and adopted a set of seven conclusions.


“I am convinced that my fellow Bosniak politicians will understand what we have concluded today. With that, we have opened the door to talk about the future of our homeland BiH. If the behaviour of some of these politicians is the same as before – I am afraid that there will be no reason for optimism that something will change “, said the head of the HNS BiH and leader of Bosnia’s strongest Croat ethnic party, Dragan Covic.

In its first conclusion, the HNS BiH noted that its negotiating team has implemented the political agreement of17 June on the principles and the election law in the negotiations so far.

The second one says the HNS regrets that those negotiations have not been concluded successfully and that it offered a number of proposals and is ready to continue negotiations on amendments to the Election Law in order to create the preconditions for holding general elections.

The third one states the HNS will consistently advocate the original principles enshrined in the 1994 Washington Agreement and Dayton Peace Accords as established by Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs and others.

The fourth one says that the HNS BiH considers all political positions advocating the blocking of the implementation of the political agreement from Mostar and thus preventing the Croats from legitimately representing themselves in the House of Peoples and the Presidency of BiH unlawful.

The fifth conclusion says that the HNS BiH will consider that the conditions for the 2022 general elections have not been met.

In its sixth conclusion, the HNS BiH says that the Central Election Commission is not and cannot act as a legislator, nor does it have the right to take over competencies. If the Election Law is not amended and elections are called despite that, the HNS BiH says it will consider the process contrary to the Dayton Peace Agreement.

If the process of violating the constitutional rights of Croats in Bosnia continues, “the HNS will initiate all legal procedures and political steps for a new institutional and territorial organisation of BiH on the principles of federalism and consociational democracy, which will ensure full constitutional equality of all three constituent peoples in BiH,” the final conclusions says.

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