Hundreds hold peaceful rally in Bosnian town after triple murder and suicide

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A few hundred people rallied in the centre of Gradacac, Bosnian northeastern town, on Saturday for a peaceful protest after a local 35-year-old bodybuilder, with criminal past, killed his former wife, two men and committed suicide in that northern Bosnian city on Friday.

‘I was scared for myself and my kid’, ‘Stop to violence against women’, were only some of the messages written on the banners carried by the protestors.

Nerma Saric, one of the organisers, said they expect the citizens to demand concrete steps from authorities on implementation of the Istanbul Convention.

She recalled that BiH is one of the first signatories of this document but that we are witnessing such situation today.

Miralem Topalovic, also one of the organisers, stressed that if the state does not say ‘stop’ then it means there is no state at all.

Protestors also signed a petition to treat femicide as a special crime within the Criminal Code of BiH.

Nermin Sulejmanovic commits suicide after killing three people in Gradacac

Nermin Sulejmanovic, 35, killed his former wife with a gun in front of her little child and live streamed it on his social media platforms. He then killed two Turkish citizens, a father and a son, in Gradacac, who are presumed to have some business connections with the murderer.

Sulejmanovic had a police record as he was connected to a criminal group smuggling heroin.

On 7 August, the local court turned down the proposal by the police to impose a restraining order on Sulejmanovic after his former wife had reported him for domestic violence.

Sulejmanovic managed to hold the victim in captivity, tortured her and killed her.

While fleeing from the police he also wounded a policeman and a man. Sulejmanovic committed suicide when he was eventually surrendered by the police forces on the outskirts of Gradacac.

Man kills wife and posts video of it online, manhunt underway in Gradacac

The City of Gradacac has declared three days of mourning.

The protesters today also warned about femicide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the data provided by the country's Agency for Gender Equality, in the last two years, there have been 19 cases of femicide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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