If you speak Serbian in Dubrovnik, you “risk” getting a 40 percent discount 

NEWS 17.09.2022 12:43

In order to get a discount in one of Dubrovnik's many restaurants, cafes or pastry shops this summer, all you have to do is - speak up. The so-called discount for domestic guests, which became Dubrovnik's trademark in the outgoing summer season, applies not only to Croats but also to tourists from other countries from the area of the former Yugoslavia (SFRY).

One of them is Milan from Belgrade, who was more than pleasantly surprised when he received a receipt for dinner in the restaurant of a Dubrovnik hotel. 

“When they brought us the bill, I saw that a thirty percent discount had also been included. I was confused, so I asked the waiter what it was about. He told me that it was a discount for all guests who speak ‘our’ language, meaning also Serbian,” Milan recounted the conversation with the waiter. 

 The N1’s interlocutor said that the amount of the “discount for locals” varies from bar to bar, ranging from twenty to even forty percent, which, he adds, has made the rather steep prices in Dubrovnik more or less affordable. 

“Whether you get a discount sometimes depends on the waiter who is on shift. In principle, they grant a discount to everyone who speaks the former Serbo-Croatian language, and that means those with a Montenegrin or Bosnian accent. To everyone who is ‘ours’, as they told me,” Milan explained to us. 


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