Izetbegovic: It's a shame that the U.S. Embassy fell for Sarajevo gossip


The leader of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Bakir Izetbegovic, commented on the sanctions the U.S. introduced against the former head of the country’s Intelligence-Security Agency, Osman Mehmedagic, saying that it was the result of “gossip” which the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo “fell for”.

The US blacklisted three Bosnian nationals on Tuesday, including Mehmedagic, arguing that they represented a “threat to regional stability, institutional trust, and the aspirations of those seeking democratic governance in the Western Balkans.”


The U.S. Treasury alleged that Mehmedagic misused a state-owned telecommunications company for the benefit of the SDA and “used state-owned telecommunications company BH Telecom to collect cellular activity on BiH politicians not affiliated with the SDA.” He also allegedly instructed an individual to monitor a government official affiliated with a Republika Srpska (RS) entity opposition party.

“We cannot support the fact that any ambassador finds gossip from Sarajevo bars interesting, that he conveys it to the State Department and they then refer to it. This is gossip that is picked up in downtown Sarajevo and which the American Embassy falls for,” Izetbegovic said on Saturday, calling it “a shame”.