Joe Biden on Bosnia's Statehood Day: Know that US stands with you

NEWS 25.11.2021 08:58
Source: N1

US President Joe Biden conveyed a message on the occasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Statehood Day, saying that the United States stands with Bosnia and continues supporting its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“On this day of celebration, know that the US stands with you to support continued democratic reforms, a recommitment to the rule of law, and BiH's sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Biden's message sent to Bosnian Presidency.

Queen Elizabeth also sent a note on this occasion, conveying the best wishes to people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“After what has been a difficult year, I hope we may look forward to overcoming global helth challenges and to better times in the future,” said a brief note addressed to Bosnia Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic.

Foreign embassies and diplomats in Bosnia joined the congratulatory notes.


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