Jusuf Nurkic and Pomozi.ba to cover damages to returnees attacked in Visegrad

N1/ Arhiv

Bosnian NBA star Jusuf Nurkic and the Pomozi.ba organization will jointly cover all material damage to Ajsa and Fadil Memisevic, a returnee couple in their late 80s who were brutally attacked and robbed Friday night in Visegrad, Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Pomozi.ba announced Sunday.

”Grandpa and Grandma had 7,000 Bosnian marks (some €3.500) they saved for their funerals, and the money is the least problem to settle, but the resulting trauma will be difficult to rehabilitate,” Pomozi.ba added.

The Memisevic couple was brutally beaten and robbed in their own home, in the village of Omeragici, not far from Visegrad, when an attacker entered their house through a window and started beating them and stealing everything they had. The alleged attacker was already known to the police for his prior crimes and had been apprehended several hours later. The married couple was treated at the Sarajevo Clinical Center for serious injuries.