Komsic welcomes NATO plans for BiH and UK's plan to send support troops

NEWS 30.06.2022 14:38

Bosnia’s Croat Presidency member Zeljko Komsic welcomed the messages sent from the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, assessing them as positive. He also welcomed the British Government’s decision to send military units to BiH to counter Russia’s malign influence.

“It is especially important that NATO sees secessionism from the smaller BiH entity (Republika Srpska) as a big problem, that the Armed Forces of BiH is one of the most important state institutions, just as unequivocal support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH is always important, which means that any threat to Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot go unanswered.”

Komsic pointed out that everything shows that BiH is moving from a partnership to an allied phase of relations with NATO, regardless of the various obstacles to that process in BiH.

“Minister Podzic did an excellent job at the Summit itself, but also in the past,” Komsic said.

He also welcomed the announcement by the British government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the arrival of British military experts to help Bosnia protect itself from Russian threats.


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