Kosovo minister says Serb List’s official was at Banjska monastery

NEWS 26.09.202314:26 0 komentara
Printscreen/ Facebook Xhelal Sveçla

Kosovo Internal Affairs Minister Xheval Svecla published a video which he said showed Serb List senior official Milan Radoicic in uniform with armed men at the Banjska monastery.

The video on Svecla’s Facebook profile showed the group of uniformed, armed men in the grounds of the monastery including a man who the minister claims is Radoicic.

“The criminal Radojcic was the leader of this terrorist group and the attack when police officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed. This is more proof of his terrorist activity against the Republic of Kosovo. The deputy leader of the Serb List is the leader of the terrorist attack and the terrorist group,” Svecla wrote.

Svecla accused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic of trying to destabilize Kosovo through the Serb List and Radoicic. The minister said that the declaration of a days of mourning by the Serbian government and Serb List prove who is behind the operation.

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Svecla claimed earlier that the Kosovo Serbs wounded on Sunday were being treated at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. He told reporters that Radoicic’s personal documents were found in one of the cars in Banjska.