Long lines at Bosnia – Serbia border as Belgrade offers free vaccines for all

NEWS 27.03.202111:47 0 komentara

Long lines of vehicles formed Saturday morning at the border to Serbia, as Bosnians were heading to Belgrade to receive their first shots against COVID-19 after Serbia announced it will inoculate whoever shows up.

People from Bosnia and Herzegovina responded to the call, travelling in private cars and in busses organized by their employers.

The Chamber of Commerce of Bosnia's semi-autonomous Republika Srpska (RS) entity urged businessmen and their employees to register for inoculation and so far 613 people from 165 companies responded.

A batch of 10,000 vaccines was set aside for them, available at special booths at the Belgrade Fair, where the mass vaccination is taking place.

The vaccines are for free and all people have to do is to register so they can get an appointment.

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