MEPs in BiH: Bosnia's future is not with nationalist leaders

NEWS 12.07.202214:57 0 komentara
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Bosnia’s Our Party organised a panel discussion where liberals from the EU Parliament Ilhan Kyuchyuk (Bulgaria), Nathalie Loiseau (France) and Karen Melchior (Denmark) spoke about the memory of the genocide, but also about EU integration.

They said that Our Party is the strongest liberal force in the region, but also the leader of EU integration in BiH and that the Renew Europe group they represent in Brussels will continue to strongly support the process of EU integration in BiH in the coming period.

Nathalie Loiseau also drew attention to the successes of reconciliation and building shared societies elsewhere. She cited Germany in World War II as an example. Karen Melchior particularly emphasized the importance of caring for victims of genocide and other war crimes, especially female rape victims. She sees the application of Bosnian work with victims to work with victims in Ukraine as a very important possibility.
Ilhan Kyuchyuk, co-president of ALDE, spoke about corruption.

“The future of the EU and BiH does not lie with the leaders promoting nationalism, but with those who fight for the complete integration of society. We represent a society of diversity, without divisions, and we believe that it’s necessary to carry out as many reforms as possible in BiH, above all those aimed at fighting corruption. There is no place in the EU for corrupt political leaders and regimes,” Kyuchyuk said.

Edin Forto, the Leader of Our Party, emphasized that in addition to everything that Our Party does in Bosnia and Herzegovina, what it does on the international level is equally important, mostly through liberal parliamentarians in the EU parliament.
“SDA, HDZ, SDS, PDP are all in the grouping of people's parties, the so-called EPP, which has its representatives in the European Parliament. The SDA, which swears to work for the welfare of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has not done so in the EU parliament so far,” said Forto.