Milorad Dodik tells parliament RS entity is thriving and its people live well

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Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity is doing well economically, its all institutions are functioning well, the public sector is recovering and it has never had higher salaries and more employees. Its economic conditions have never had better elements of macroeconomic policy, and the coverage rate is 80 percent, Bosnian Serb presidency member and leader of the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Milorad Dodik, said at a special session of the RS National Assembly (RSNA).

“The RS is not indebted as some want to show. Our total debt is less than European regulations. We are far from the allowed 60 percent, we have agreed on 2 billion Bosnian marks investments this year. The RS is not fighting for scraps but it invests. The people in the RS live well, the veterans got with this government what they never had. What we see today is part of the opposition's capacity. You could have been a little better,” he said in his address to the RSNA.

He also pointed out that the RS has a good international reputation, and that “they are drawing global attention because they are fighting for the freedom and rights they have according to the Constitution.”

Dodik emphasized that good relations with Serbia, Russia and the Serbian Orthodox Church are three important pillars for them.

“We have many friends. Croatia is a member of the EU, but it has not turned against the RS. Our policies are to affirm BiH as a community provided by the Constitution and nothing more. Today, the RS is a reflection of what we wanted and did not do until the end. Some would abolish the entities, some would return the Republic of BiH, some would leave the RS as an empty shell, some believe that BiH should disintegrate or disperse peacefully. BiH is a failed country held by foreigners. The RS and BiH have only their own reflection and contact through the constitution, no emotions. Muslim nationalism strives to create its own state and their goal is allowed while ours is not, but that is not the way it will be,” the Serb Presidency member said.

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