Minister: Bosnia could soon start exporting milk and dairy products to China

NEWS 14.02.2021 17:55

Bosnia’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Stasa Kosarac, said on Sunday that he expects that Bosnia will soon be able to export milk and dairy products to China.

“The Chinese side submitted additional questions to the questionnaire for approving the export of our milk and dairy products, which was sent by the Veterinary Office of BiH several years ago. The competent institutions are currently actively working on finalizing the answers in order to obtain the conditions for export to China,” Kosarac said.

After BiH submits answers to the additional questions, inspection services from China should come to BiH and check the capacities for milk production and processing in the country.

I was informed that there is even a possibility that the export of milk and dairy products to China will be approved without the checks of the competent Chinese inspectors, given that our companies already export to the EU and meet standards of this demanding market with their quality,” he said.

The minister praised the efforts of the Chinese Ambassador in Bosnia, Ji Ping, in accelerating the activities that would result in the Chinese market opening up for milk and dairy products from Bosnia.

“Strengthening cooperation and a greater volume of foreign trade are the focus of my talks with Ambassador Ji Ping. I am encouraged by his engagement not only when it comes to the export of milk and dairy products, but also meat and wine to the Chinese market,” Kosarac said.


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