Montenegrin bishop: Denying genocide is bigger crime than committing it

Source: Faruka Zametica/N1

Denying a genocide is a bigger crime than committing it, said Boris Bojovic, the Serbian Orthodox Church bishop from the Montenegrin town of Niksic, who has arrived in Srebrenica to honour the genocide victims in this eastern Bosnian town.

“Unfortunately, we live in the region where many deny crimes and cannot accept the fact that the genocide had been committed. We must first accept that so we can move on, because it is not the whole people that is genocidal. It is individuals. Unfortunately, bad people who commit crimes and genocide are everywhere around us,” stressed Bojovic.

“By coming here, we would like to honour all innocently killed in this and any other genocide on the planet,” he added.

Montenegrin Parliament adopted last month a resolution on the Srebrenica genocide, which says that any public denial of genocide would be condemned in the Parliament. It also declared July 11 the day of mourning and remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide victims in Montenegro.

According to Bojovic, adoption of this document comes with a delay but it was the right move.

“Wounds of the mothers and all fellow citizens still hurt 26 years later. We can never imagine that a human should die only because of having a different name, praying to God in a different way, or having a different opinion,” he said.


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