Montenegrin politician: What were our ministers doing in RS entity on January 9?

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Montenegrin politician Draginja Vuksanovic Stankovic condemned the fact that ministers from her country attended the unconstitutional January 9 celebration organised by authorities of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

On January 9, authorities in the RS, led by RS President, Milorad Dodik, organised a massive event to mark the “Day of Republika Srpska”, which was declared unconstitutional by BiH’s Constitutional Court. The event usually takes place in Banjaluka, the administrative centre of the RS. However, this time they decided to organise it in Istocno Sarajevo (East Sarajevo), near Bosnia’s capital.


Among those to attend the event were Montenegrin ministers Marko Kovac and Aleksandar Damjanovic.

Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Dritan Abazovic, came under fire by the opposition after he said on Tuesday that he will not dismiss the two ministers over the matter.

“As you saw, Minister of Justice Kovac stated that he went as a minister, Minister Damjanovic said he went as a private citizen, and Dritan Abazovic said that he did not send them but also that he would not dismiss them. I want to remind the public that this is a Government that has resigned, that has been dismissed,” she said, arguing that Abazovic did not tell the truth because “if he had not sent them, they would not have been there in the capacity they were in.”

She raised the question of why the Montenegrin officials attended the celebration.

“What were they celebrating? They celebrated something that does not exist, the Republika Srpska is not a state, it is not a sovereign state and it will never be, so the question arises, what were they doing there?” she said.

She said that minister the fact that minister Kovac also attended the commemoration of the Srebrenica Genocide is “hypocrisy”.

“Shameful! This is extreme hypocrisy, it is classic political hypocrisy that is characteristic for certain ministers in both this and the previous government of Zdravko Krivokapic,” she said.

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