N1 Television informs international institutions about Dodik's threats

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N1 Television informed the representatives of European institutions, international organizations dealing with media freedom and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the attack by the President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik on our journalist and media house. Pročitaj više

In a letter sent through Adria News from Luxembourg, of which N1 is an integral part, we reported on this worrying incident which represents nothing more than an attack on media freedom.

The President of the Republika Srpska entity used the press conference to deal with N1 television. In addition to a series of unfounded accusations aimed at the work of the N1 television, Dodik made claims that we support a policy aimed at the destruction of Republika Srpska. He also pointed out that there are services monitoring our work, which we perceive as an open threat.

The fact that Dodik called the N1 journalist on her phone, after the conference, insulted her, cursed and threatened her once more, is additionally dangerous.

When public authorities continuously talk about journalists of the free media as enemies of the people and traitors, targeting them as people who allegedly wish them evil, just because they do not like the way they report, a dangerous atmosphere is created in society, according to which anyone can threaten journalists or forcibly silence critical voices, without any consequences.

The Luxembourg-based company Adria News, which is the parent company of N1 television in Bosnia and Herzegovina, believes that support for free media is crucial for a democratic society, and calls for an end to the campaign against independent media. Citizens have the right to hear different opinions, and the duty of government representatives is to ensure media pluralism, freedom of reporting and equal working conditions for everyone.

Independent research has shown that N1 is the media most trusted by the BiH citizens, which further emphasizes the importance of this information platform for informing the public. The threats of state officials should not be taken lightly, which is why we call on the international community to react according to the seriousness of these incidents, to prevent the erosion of media rights as seen in neighboring countries.

Freedom of expression and the rights of journalists are key elements of democracy, and their endangerment represents a serious challenge to the stability and progress of society.

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