N1’s journalist receives award for promoting good neighbourly relations

NEWS 22.06.202118:33 0 komentara

Marina Fratucan, an N1 journalist, received on Tuesday the ‘Zivorad Kovacevic’ award for her contribution to good neighbourly relations in the Western Balkans.

Fratucan is an author and host of the Red Line political talk show broadcast on N1 TV.

The news on the award was published Friday.

That was the first year the award was given to a journalist, at the same time marking ten years from the death of Zivorad Kovacevic, a well-known Yugoslav and Serbian diplomat, politician, NGO activist, academician and writer.

He served as Belgrade Mayor from 1974-1982.

After receiving the award, Fratucan told N1 that she “for decades, since the ‘80s, hs been trying to give the other side of the story, even during the horrible war destruction in the ‘90s; to offer people some alternative to hatred.”