NATO for N1: Russian threats to Bosnia unacceptable


No third party has the right to intervene against any country wishing to join NATO and such threats are unacceptable to the North-Atlantic Alliance, NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu told N1 Friday, commenting on the recent Russian threats that they would have to react should Bosnia join NATO.

“Every country has the sovereign right to choose its own security arrangements. Whether countries decide to cooperate with NATO – either through partnerships or as full members of the Alliance – is up to each individual applicant and the 30 Allies. No third party has the right to intervene or veto such a process. Any threats in this respect are unacceptable. The time of spheres of influence is over,” Oana Lungescu said. “NATO and Bosnia and Herzegovina have a long-standing and mutually beneficial cooperation. Cooperation with NATO does not prejudge any potential future NATO membership for Bosnia and Herzegovina. We fully respect the country’s sovereignty and independence and we welcome Bosnia and Herzegovina’s continued contributions to our Euro-Atlantic security.”

Russian Embassy said Thursday that Bosnia’s membership in NATO would be seen as a “hostile act” to which the Russian Federation “Would have to react.”

“We call on BiH friends to think carefully, to consider all pros and cons, to take into consideration the opinion of all its citizens who are far from a consensus on this matter,” the statement said, the Radio Free Europe reported.