New US ambassador in Bosnia meets Milorad Dodik

NEWS 09.03.2022 15:45
Source: Ambasada SAD-a u BiH

US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy met with BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik and underscored on this ocassion the “firm US support for BiH’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

He also expressed support for “BiH’s place in the Euro-Atlantic community of nations,” according to the embassy's Twitter post.

Murphy also stressed the importance of functional, efficient state-level institutions in which leaders participate in good faith.

He pointer out the US support for “functional, efficient, and accountable entities that focus on providing citizens with a democratic and prosperous future.”

Murphy's appointment was officially confirmed by the US Senate in December last year and he presented his credentials on February 23.

Earlier this year, the United states expanded sanctions against Dodik for undermining the country's stability and being involved in corrupt activities.


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