Nothing changes fact that Telekom Serbia lost in Swiss court

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Telekom Serbia tried to cut its losses by minimizing the fact that it lost the case it brought before a Swiss court, United Media said in a statement on Tuesday. Pročitaj više

A court in Zurich ruled against Telekom Serbia on May 8, saying that its claims against United Media group companies were unfounded. The court also ordered the Serbian state-owned telecommunications operator to pay court costs.

“Telekom Serbia lost the dispute it launched before a Swiss court and that is the only true thing despite their attempts to alter the facts in public,” the statement said.

“Telekom filed suit claiming unfair competition and the court ruled on that suit. That is not disputable. The court could not rule that Telekom is involved in spreading media darkness nor did it decide that there was any kind of negative campaign, nor that Telekom Serbia was involved in jeopardizing media freedom.

“The very fact that Telekom Serbia filed a groundless and baseless suit is evidence enough of an attempt to misuse the court and exert pressure over the critical reporting on its activities. The Swiss court had no reason to investigate the alleged unfair competition nor to find any damages which Telekom Serbia claims it suffered because the Telekom Serbia lawsuit was thrown out at the very first step.

“The truth is that Telekom Serbia invested millions in legal representation by lawyers and law professors in Switzerland and Serbia and filed thousands of pages of documents as well as that it had ample opportunity to defend its claims during the years spent in court. The truth is that Telekom Serbia loudly announced its victory before the Swiss court and that it is trying to defend its claim of victory with a defeat.

“Finally, Telekom CEO Vladimir Lucic told TV Pink that “personal attacks will not sway him from fighting for Telekom Serbia”. We should note that unexpected work-related obligations prevented him from appearing at court hearings several times and it’s interesting that he suddenly found the time to appear in public and explain the outcome of the court case.

“Lucic said that he is optimistic in terms of “everything being resolved in Telekom Serbia’s favour” at the next level in Swiss courts, that it will win and claim damages. It isn’t clear why he trusts the arguments in his campaign since he lost the international case and has dismissed the lawyers representing him in Serbia after four years,” United Media said.

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