Ocampo: Bosnia must become example for Ukraine of fight against impunity

Russia has committed crimes of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Putin must answer for the crimes that were committed, and that can only be in an international court where neither Milosevic, Karadzic, nor Mladic had immunity. Bosnia and Herzegovina must be an example of the fight against impunity and a leader in helping Ukraine, the first International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo said Tuesday in an exclusive interview with N1.

According to him, the problem is in the global legal system and the fact that this crime cannot be investigated. The reason for this is that Russia is not a member of the International Criminal Court and for this crime of aggression, the attacked state demanded that both sides, in this case, Ukraine and Russia, be part of the ICC. An alternative to this is the UN Security Council, but Russia has the power of veto there, Ocampo said.
Moreno Ocampo, who has decades of prosecutorial experience, also clarified that some crimes will be more difficult to investigate, but also which court can prosecute Vladimir Putin.

Play the video above to see the entire interview.


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