OHR on the sale of state land on Jahorina: Warning to investors

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OC Jahorina

The Republika Srpska (RS) entity Official Gazette published a new decision on the sale of real estate allegedly owned by the RS entity, at Mount Jahorina. The Gazette No. 11 of February 2, 2024, states that the decision determined the conditions and method of sale of land with an area of 486 m2 to the buyer Milorad Eric, which was registered in the list of immovable properties owned by the RS.

In January of this year, the company “Drvo-export” from Teslic, owned by Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) councillor Srdjan Kljecanin Rufi, bought over 56 dunums of land on Jahorina for 41,130,000 Bosnian marks (around €20 million) through a direct contract. The idea to sell the land came from the administration of the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, which used the money from the sale to service its obligations and loans. These funds will be paid into the RS budget.

The OHR told N1 that the sale of state property is prohibited by law, sending a warning to investors.

“The Law on the temporary prohibition of the disposal of state property expressly prohibits any sale or other form of disposal of state property assets and states that any act on the disposal of such property, which is found to be in conflict with this law, is null and void. Competent institutions in BiH are responsible for taking the necessary legal actions in order to protect state property. The Office of the High Representative has repeatedly warned potential investors and buyers of state property that is subject to the disposal ban on possible negative legal consequences. There is an urgent need to find an acceptable and sustainable solution to the issue of state property, that is, to adopt a comprehensive legal regulation in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly. The High Representative and the Steering Committee of the Peace Implementation Council remain committed to supporting the implementation of an inclusive political process to that end,” the OHR stated.

“Capital” news portal reported that the RS Government decided to sell 56 dunums of land in Jahorina at the end of December last year. According to the plan, 12 plots covering 56,405 square meters were to be offered at an auction, at a starting price of 41.17 million marks. The winner of the auction was the company “Drvo-export” from Teslic, owned by the SNSD councillor Srdjan Kljecanin Rufi.

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