Opposition party in central Serbia condemns insult to N1 reporter

NEWS 29.12.202119:30 0 komentara

The City Board of the opposition People's Party in Serbia's central town of Kragujevac condemned on Wednesday the insult and attempted to expel N1's Milan Nikic from the Batocina Municipal Assembly session on December 20.

“The right to objective and timely informing the citizens must not be usurped by the local leaders of the municipality of Batocina, who arrogantly treated the journalist at the session and cursed him,” the statement said.

The Party said that “we witness that the Serbian Progressive Party’s regime destroyed the political life in Serbia during the ten years in power and put all TV channels with a national frequency and tabloids under its control.”

“Such moves by the regime testify it is in a panic ahead of the April elections,” the Party added.

Kakvo je tvoje mišljenje o ovome?

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