Organised crime investigations based on Sky app involve several BiH officials

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Dozens of suspects, including police officers and judicial officials, are being investigated as part of a crackdown on organised crime and drug trafficking in Bosnia as investigators are analysing private conversations conducted via the Sky and Anom messaging apps.

More than 20 people are currently in custody, a large number of suspects are under court-ordered prohibitive measures and dozens of others are still under investigation.

Among those in custody are two police officers of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH, while a judge from Bijeljina, Jovan Savic, is under prohibitive measures due to suspicion of leaking information to criminals.


The BiH Prosecutor’s Office confirmed for N1 that international arrest warrants have also been issued for a number of people.

The finalisation of investigations and prosecutorial decisions in cases concerning the use of the Sky app is expected in 2022, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

“The indictments in these cases will certainly include dozens of suspects, and they will refer to several criminal groups, which operated in various parts of BiH (Prijedor and surroundings, Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Bijeljina, Foca, Trebinje, etc.). As we have stated, in these cases, the suspects include officials from institutions as well as police officers, who, through corrupt activities, helped the functioning of organised criminal groups,” it said.

The public was also shocked by the news of a conversation between two alleged criminals who, in an encrypted conversation, apparently mentioned the name of state prosecutor Dijana Kajmakovic. Kajmakovic worked on the Sky and Anom cases and was removed from the prosecutorial team investigating the conversations because of this.

The latest development in cases related to the investigation into the encrypted conversations is that the Court of BiH has extended the custody of Dalibor Railic, who is suspected of the murder of the chief of the criminal police in Prijedor, Radenko Basic, by another 3 months.

The BiH Prosecutor's Office of BiH requested a detailed financial investigation of the property and recent real estate transactions of Bojan Cvijetic, an organised crime suspect who served as an advisor to former BiH Security Minister, Dragan Mektic. Investigators are looking into conversations between Mektic and Cvijetic regarding the sale of an apartment.

BiH investigators are in constant communication with partner institutions in the country, countries in the region, as well as EU countries, in their efforts to gather information and evidence.

N1 found out that some employees of BiH’s Intelligence-Security Agency are also being investigated for trading in influence and revealing official secrets.

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